Sunday, May 8, 2011


1. im started with my new job, 2nd job in my life. no idea how it would be, but so far so good. 1 thing happy most is the travel distance is super short that i can ever imagine.
work involve mostly dealing with people, and paper work. it was so close that day i almost send out a wrong docu which i would been shot crazily... so so so scary. I need more concentration !!!

2. sis will deliver soon. countdown her days. its great seeing all babies clothes, stuffs around my place. cant imagine how my future niece will look like. but all her stuffs are so cute, from the shoes , err socks i would say to all the lovely dresses. adorable she would be in them.

3. but here's the thing, i been face with babies in life, others not mine yet. from cousins to frens. i am so poor in handling babies itellyou. it is so scary. coz i dunno how to speak baby language. i only speak "walk, eat, bye, kiss, dont cry.... " tats it.
be frank, i used to have dreams , such dream with ppl i love, then though i know i would b sucks in taking care of babies, but i am willing to do it for ppl i love. but somehow, its a big no no for my current life. tats y i have this phobia of baby i guess. coz so far, i am not willing to give up my life, my freedom for anything yet. maybe i just havent meet the right man, but whatever. i love my life , current life. that's it. full stop.

4. time ti make life much interesting i guess. but y they can say it as if as easy as eat? it's mission possible but in tonnes of stages okay... F im not going to give myself any pressure on this. life's good when we don need to explain for ourselves. just be cool with it.

5. so its the 4th yr dy. hahaha scary right? i cant imagine, so i tell hc, that im giving it up. well just making the most negative thoughts. calm down, i wont hope myself saving fund for the single old lady house. wtf if i need it?? anyway just let it be.

6. im addicted to get a pump, killer type. its all coz the other day was trying 1 at nine west. omg its F-ing nice, im going 2 get it. awww...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

march updates

1. i survivied without any colour on my toes for 2 weeks... yest cant stan anymore, after brunch wif 2 ladies, then straight rush for this month pedi... i jus cant live without naked toes.

2. miss jess going beijing for long term job. so damn envy on her courage. sametime, listen 2 all her exciting stories during farewell @ jean's house last week. miss ong confirm her wedding @ hotel in kl.

3. just watched black swan da other day. din expect the role of nina gives me that much of impact. i act did think and recall back her character the next day. and i bet, she must be either a virgo or leo. perfectionist who pushing herself till max, meantime very shy in expressing feelings. her skinny body is so scary...but much keen on the sensored scene on the mouth job giving by lily.. hehehe seems reaching part of crossroads.. wonder how and what to do.


Monday, February 14, 2011


1. wow its my 1st blog in 2011... am i that happy in jan? hmmm

2. beginning of jan, 4th beloved grandma passed away. i rmbr well, it's Tues morning, 7plus, almost 8am, i was preparing to work, hp rang, which im so worried, it shown from mom, omg, i know i wont b good news, and im right. mom cried over the phone, grandma just left us. im totally mood-less whole day while trying best 2 finish/handover my stuff.
drove back 2 hometown late evening, grandma had left, with her smile in the photos at funeral.
sometime, when we thought its sad incident ppl we loved left us, but thinking in positive side, all relatives can really meet each other during this time, even my cousin n sis from overseas. so happy that we can gather and attend for the v last time.
it's one of the biggest funeral i had attend. 5 days 4 nights, we had best meals, with dishes we like, n da way grandma want it to be, the happening and we all get 2 do it 2gether.
love grandma!

3. jan pass in super fast way, and my back was fill wif holes, golden fingers i guess.. bleeding crazily and shed tears front of them.,.. suck max.. and so emo

4. jan ended in super fast and cny is around.

5. 1st time ever, back 2 hometown on 30th nite of cny, feel like its cny straight when reach home.

6. feel cny come 2 soon, with nth much can prepare, but yet, still manage 2 catch up wif buddies..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


1. wow these week is final week of 2010. and many good things happening

2. work still sucks as usual, anyway ignore it, after 6.01pm

3. plan 2 treat bro (mom's bill heheheeh) to Checkers @ Bkt D'sara. tried thier lord of the ribs and its awesome. not 2 4get the rum cendol , nvr say no to it!! coz it's his b'day on sat, so will celeb there then.

4. well jus had great time yam cha wif a,j and g. g was drunk n high after dinner , she joined us for 2nd round @mcd. j was excited talking abt s , we were having fun time laughing at her.. heheh. glad she is smiling, from the heart now..

5. huhu... get an holi on fri, thx 2 da safee of msia, for getting da cup. well at least we see some hope in sports other than badminton n squash.

loving what i have, and cherish moments im enjoying.
thx for everything.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


2010 coming to the end in few days times.

1. so i fly as scheduled on 4th nov night.

2 and as instinct i felt along the flight, uncle pass away on 5th nite. i think da feelings i had is a sign, telling me y i din feel any excitement though im flying to jp.

3. sorry i din make it. and i should have postpone, i guess.

4. well life goes on anyway. the trip started in gloomy and moodless way, but getting cheer up when started to feel the beauty of jp.

5. and i survived in jp train, thx 2 kanji aka chinese characters. i hav no issue in getting the directions, but the station of shinjuku is like... crazily huge, with more than 30 exits...

6. i love McD , coz jp served pork burger at 105 yen only.. and ebi burger, the fillings are way bigger than the bread, wonder wth is QC doing in mcd msia.

7. from sushi, ramen, soba, sashimi, don, pork, shabu shabu, seafood to miso soup, well indeed msia's jap food are... room 2 improve. but wen u taste those jap taste for more than 1 week, u will hunt for asia food, yea, its true, coz we r so bless to have varieties to choose, step in hawker centre, then u can get anything, jp well da typical 1, but its repeating n no doubt, its healthy 99%.

8. so back 2 msia on 20th, and travel again to cherating on the 26th. its unplanned trip as its las minute to tag along. staying at club med and best part, drink as much as u like, eat as much as u wish, noone is going to stop u, as logn as u behave. i miss the buffet meal, crazily happy , jus like lil kid inside wonderland. mine is going into super high class restaurant, to hav my fav way of breakfast: start with sausage +pancake+ syrup+ eggs , follow by nasi lemak, then add on porridge with sauce fish, finally its cereal+coco crunch + oat with low fat milk, awww lastly finished with glass of fresh orange juice.. heaven ~~ yea how fattening, but its dream way!! once in few yrs i guess..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

how ar....

1. im flying in less than 10 days, but uncle conditions seems to be not so stable, maybe after this weekend, then i shall see if to postpone on the j trip...
may uncle get well v v soon

2. wat is wrong when hormone is taking over rational... wtf

3. some ppl just dunno whats inside their pity brain... arghhh... useless

4. i will go cherating next month... seems to be reaching my max limit for traveling this yr

5. money decide everything in my life .. for now

6. i need so much of stout stout stout.. coz it makes me feel so good

Saturday, October 16, 2010

jpop dream

i had enough stories of assholes that make me so pissed off. ARGHHHH so damn hard to avoid them. i am so scared that, in short future, i will make conclusion : all balls are assholes.
anyway jus live with it.
It's not like i can't live without man, though being in a relationship, having companion/partner , someone to share in life is really good. well like old sayings, we all need to have companion, totally agree, but maybe im just those type need to be in matured marriage, rather than in early age. since im sure, im immatured type, im not selfish, but i just dunno how to take care of myself, im lazy, damn lazy type, i jus wan money sufficient to feed myself, i never really care about anything else. like wat im doing now, i like it, coz i still can vomit out some amount to pampered myself. This year i spolt myself a lot, my record!
in 3 weeks time, i will be realising my jpop dreams, i had since i was 16. its all thx to Yunni who recommend me arashi, then there's no turning back. im addicted to johnnys , from wink-up i get to know from smap, tokio, arashi, v6 to kat-tun, yama p etc; at the same time, j drama is attacking me like crazy, i had love generations which is my fav j drama so far, i jus love takeshi-san, which looks good in ALL hair style. then until HERO, blah blah blah... omg i jus love takesi n arashi; their songs making me so GENKI**ne
however, im so sad tat they just wont come to Msia at all, nearest is oni thailand, they went to there for few times for concerts, guess their market there is way far i can imagine of... wink up make me know more of them, and i tell myself then, i shall go nippon once in my lifetime. but the expenses is CRAZILY high, esp the accommodations, food, transportation etc.. easily 10k per pax for a trip like 1 week.
heheee.. i think i must pray a lot, that my god listen to my wish for so long, i am realising my jpop dream at least 5-10 years faster! so during last promo of mas, i don really think much but jus book for the return tic, but now seeing aa can get anytime within da $$ i pay, kns.. nvm pay for da mas hospitality, since everything is unlimited. im going to enjoy kao kao. plus its narita, not haneda yo**its just like da diff of subang airport and klia. but narita still diff.. hehehee trying hard 2 comfort myself da $$ i pay is worthwhile. coz i never been to klia for international departure, im da only one at family never been lo... how can!? good im going this time!! maybe its my first and last @klia and narita dy =( sigh y must cheap airfare in diff place though same piece of klia add... FFFF okay i admit, i just want to explore whats inside the intl departure @klia, coz i heard they have almos everything ooo...
so im going to rainbow bridge, it appears in almost all jdrama of the 90s. oh no i miss my love gen theme song dy.. i miss their street scene, the train, the crowd the view of nippon. and im going shinjuku,harajuku, oayama, jiyojuku, roppongi, omotesando hills, odaiba, gotemba, and disneyland. planning to go both disneyland & disney sea. if both cost around 10,000 yen. should i? should i not? if just disneyland is at 5,800 yen. coz i personally not really a big fan of disney, mayb i go disneyland would be good enough? coz 5,800 yen is like almost rm220 dy!! okay la, jus go one will be fine la, plus need to go for meals, souvenirs somemore ler... kns .. our currency damn low....
well i need to find posters/adv of arashi and take shoots. this is a must! its my jpop dream. so da rest, err no idea yet, maybe take some ramen, soba, don, sashimi, then go to UT, h&m, as usual tourists would do. and wan2 try their beer and some desserts maybe.
budget very tight ar!! sacrifice osaka and kyoto!!! sigh .. next time then.
anyway cant hardly wait for next month~ nippon im coming