Sunday, May 8, 2011


1. im started with my new job, 2nd job in my life. no idea how it would be, but so far so good. 1 thing happy most is the travel distance is super short that i can ever imagine.
work involve mostly dealing with people, and paper work. it was so close that day i almost send out a wrong docu which i would been shot crazily... so so so scary. I need more concentration !!!

2. sis will deliver soon. countdown her days. its great seeing all babies clothes, stuffs around my place. cant imagine how my future niece will look like. but all her stuffs are so cute, from the shoes , err socks i would say to all the lovely dresses. adorable she would be in them.

3. but here's the thing, i been face with babies in life, others not mine yet. from cousins to frens. i am so poor in handling babies itellyou. it is so scary. coz i dunno how to speak baby language. i only speak "walk, eat, bye, kiss, dont cry.... " tats it.
be frank, i used to have dreams , such dream with ppl i love, then though i know i would b sucks in taking care of babies, but i am willing to do it for ppl i love. but somehow, its a big no no for my current life. tats y i have this phobia of baby i guess. coz so far, i am not willing to give up my life, my freedom for anything yet. maybe i just havent meet the right man, but whatever. i love my life , current life. that's it. full stop.

4. time ti make life much interesting i guess. but y they can say it as if as easy as eat? it's mission possible but in tonnes of stages okay... F im not going to give myself any pressure on this. life's good when we don need to explain for ourselves. just be cool with it.

5. so its the 4th yr dy. hahaha scary right? i cant imagine, so i tell hc, that im giving it up. well just making the most negative thoughts. calm down, i wont hope myself saving fund for the single old lady house. wtf if i need it?? anyway just let it be.

6. im addicted to get a pump, killer type. its all coz the other day was trying 1 at nine west. omg its F-ing nice, im going 2 get it. awww...

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  1. finally i've registered a blogspot account :p *Boo..after so long!

    I'm glad that things have been great in your life. Cheers~

    Never give up on love as it always come in the most unexpected form. Well, the absence of 'him' at the moment doesn't mean that he has never existed, maybe it's just not the right timing yet. What's the point of meeting someone you love at the wrong timing, and everything doesn't seem right. Love, undeniable involves chemistry but at the same time, it requires commitment and it has to be the right person, at the right timing. Maybe what we could do other than waiting is to make ourselves a better person!

    Lastly, happy birthday dear. This year is the 15th birthday we celebrated together! Wow! It's amazing how far we've been through together :)

    Guys come and go, but never my bff!

    Love you, always!